At Townsville Pool Supplies, we are dedicated to delivering some of the best pool services and products in the region. Our expert team can see to an extensive list of jobs, as well as offering premium equipment and accessories, to ensure your Townsville pool stays safe, hygienic and beautiful year-round!



We are proud to offer the following services to clients throughout the Townsville region:
  • Mobile pool service
  • Free water testing
  • Repair and installation
    • Pumps
    • Chlorinators
    • Filters


Our Kirwan pool shop provides a complete range of pool products, supplies and accessories including the following:
  • Magna Minerals
  • Maytronics Dolphins Cleaners
  • Pool chemicals
  • Zodiac Pool
  • Equipment and spares
  • Davey Pool
  • Equipment and spares
  • Solar blankets and reels
  • Automatic cleaners and spares
  • Manual cleaning equipment
  • Pool toys
  • Vacuum plates